Monday, January 18, 2010


Denim Demon & Sneakersnstuff.
Bringåsen & Södermalm.

A super version of the Denim Demon Aajja.

Introducing the Aajja Bajja:

- Limited to 30 pairs, all individually numbered by hand on one pocket bag and the special SNS/Denim Demon reindeer leather patch

- 15,5 oz un-singed and un-sanforized denim made out of American yarn dyed cotton and weaved on Yama Ashi Mill in Japan

- Manufactured on vintage Union Special machines in Okayama, Japan

- Poly thread with a cotton surface to get the durability of the poly and the vintage fading of the cotton

- Hidden bartags and hidden rivets on back pockets

- Hidden arcuate on back pockets

- Extra heavy and slubby pocket lining

- Special designed SNS/Denim Demon patch that's hand printed on reindeer leather. Attached with the top seam from the waistband in one shoot.

Release January 29th.