Friday, October 30, 2009


Så här lyder Pumas utrikiska beskrivning av projektet:

Sneaker lovers and sport enthusiasts have so much in common. Both have an innate streak of crazy. Both know that sometimes they have to patiently wait for the things they want most – limited editions, championship titles, etc. But most importantly, both understand that the colors they painton their faces and the kicks they put on their feet define who they are.
For these reasons, PUMA teamed up with Philadelphia sneaker collector boutique UBIQ. Locatedin center city, UBIQ sits at the heart of a sport-crazed culture – where brotherly love is more like sibling rivalry and fans have souls made of steel.
This collection takes the sport trend up a few levels – 700, to be precise. From 1971-2003,
Philadelphia’s Veteran Stadium was the sacred stomping ground for its professional football and baseball teams. It was forever filled with cheesesteak-stained napkins, replica jerseys, and public displays of inebriation. The stadium’s notorious upper deck, the 700 level, had a rep more badass than any player – so badass that the stadium added on a small courtroom to handle the constant fights between Philly fans and their rivals.
The PUMA UBIQ 700 Level Collection honors the stadium’s zest for sport with rambunctiousmaterial play, Philly team colors, and the original stadium map on its sockliners. The PUMA Clyde’s and PUMA Mid’s uppers feature a match-up of leather and jersey mesh, with “The Nest of Death” laces, “700” metal lace keepers, and the stadium years stamped on opposing heals.
The collection is topped off with knit beanies.
These bad boys are going all the way this November, better get ‘em before they get locked up.

Undrar om my man Adam "Air Rev" Leaventon har något med det här projektet att göra? Han hatar inte Philly.

Släpps 8 november hos UBIQ och landar hos utvalda butiker runt om i världen den 21 november.
I Sverige heter den utvalda butiken Sneakersnstuff.

Pics snodda från Highsnobiety som fått sina bilder från Crooked Tongues.

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