Monday, August 10, 2009


Väldigt viktiga människor får komma redan på fredag.

Alla andra får vänta tills på lördag.

Eller som Nike själva uttrycker sig:

“The original goal was to put a shoe out there that had more cushioning than anything else previously made. The challenge became: how do we let runners and the general public see the Air Sole at work.” – Tinker Hatfield, VP of Creative Design. The answer came to Hatfield while on vacation in Paris, after visiting the then newly constructed and controversial Georges Pompidou Center. "All those visible pipelines were clearly an instigator for me, or an inspiration. It essentially started the architectural trends toward being more expressive. I said, why don't we just cut a big hole in the mid-sole and let the air bag be kind of exposed?” The resulting Air Max 1 shoe represented a new generation of athletic footwear, breaking from the tradition of the way a sneaker was supposed to look. By colour choice alone, the Air Max 1 was unlike anything else on the market. The Air Max 1 introduced a Sport Red color and that wrapped the AM1’s upper, radically challenging the aesthetic norm of the age, which called for athletic footwear to be neutrally colored and mundane. The Air Max 1 not only started a revolution in Air, but equally important, a revolution in color.

The exhibition features original shoes, and an illustrated timeline of the Air Max's rise to iconic status charting its PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE 1987-2009. Fans and collectors from Sweden will display their favourite Air Max 1's and tell their personal stories throughout the exhibition.

The IAM1 Journey
15th August - 23rd August
Studio, Åsogatan 115-yep that's right mittemot SNS typ.
Open Monday – Friday 12-7pm
Open Saturday – Sunday 12-5pm
Free Entrance

For more information on the AM1 Journey please visit

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